Our history

"Financial Counseling Services changes lives."

Scott Dixson, Salvation Army caseworker

This was the principle expressed by Scott Dixson, a caseworker at the Salvation Army, in 2001 that became the founding principle of Maranatha-Carlisle.  Through their work with Samaritan Fellowship, Hugh and Joan Jones and Dr. David Masland saw a need for a ministry that would help clients manage their finances and help them out of recurring financial crises from their work at Samaritan Fellowship.  Realizing that many of the applicants had money but were unwilling or unable to make appropriate choices about their spending, Maranatha-Carlisle’s founders spent innumerable hours meeting with community organizations in support of the ministry.

Operating funds raised largely by Dr. Masland with the help of caring members of the community and the boundless presence of Joan Jones as a catalyst, Maranatha-Carlisle opened its doors in 2003.  In 2006, Maranatha-Carlisle was incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania and in May 2007, it received approval (retroactive to May 2006) to operate as an independent, non-profit corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 
Maranatha-Carlisle continues to grow, and currently serves over 300 clients. 


Joan Jones, one of the founders of Maranatha-Carlisle,
still volunteers on a regular basis.