Due to COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, all client and partner meetings are being conducted virtually. To schedule a virtual meeting, contact us at 717-258-1000 or email information@maranatha-carlisle.org.

Our mission is to provide sound financial management services to ensure financial stability to anyone at risk.

  • Veterans
  • Older adults
  • Individuals with mental, physical, or developmental disabilities
  • Working families
  • Individuals in crisis including those experiencing domestic violence
  • Individuals in recovery from addiction
  • Individuals and families experiencing homelessness

Together with Maranatha counselors, individuals develop a plan to meet their monthly financial obligations. This includes identifying financial goals, reducing unnecessary expenses, and exploring additional social services available to the client.

For those who need additional support, Maranatha can manage an individual’s funds and pay bills and creditors directly. The goal is for our clients to assume responsibility for managing their own finances once a plan is established.

Individuals who receive Social Security benefits may elect to have Maranatha serve as their representative payee. Marantha will arrange and distribute monthly payments to provide funds to the client each week.

Financial education is an important aspect of our services. Maranatha offers financial literacy classes and mentorships to clients to help them become financially independent.

Our Partners