Meet Our Clients

Imagine knowing that you have a terminal illness and not knowing what would to happen to your eight and nine year old boys if you die. Now imagine living on less than a hundred dollars per month after rent and only having food stamps to feed your children.

This was Mr. Miller’s situation when he was referrred to us in the summer of 2019. His two major concerns were how to get school supplies when his medical condition had taken away his sight and ability to drive and what would happen to his children if he died. As is the case for about half of the people Maranatha-Carlisle serves, he didn’t have a case manager to help him navigate the social security system. He had been promised help in the past, but sadly that help never came.

Thanks to your support of Maranatha-Carlisle, we were able to take care of the immediate need for school supplies through coordination with our local service organizations.  Moving forward, thanks to you, we have been able to help him with ongoing needs such as rent and utility relief. All this is possible because of your generosity.  Thank you for making success stories like this possible!

Have you ever made a financial decision that you regret that almost destroyed you financially?  Have you been taken advantage of by a slick talking salesperson at a less than reputable business?

Such was the case with “Alan” who ended up purchasing a vehicle that put him in a bad financial situation. We were able to help Alan realize his purchase was a mistake and how to remedy the situation.  Since then Alan has worked diligently with his account manager to budget properly, pay bills on time, and put money in savings towards a car purchase.  All of his hard work paid off. Recently we helped Alan find a reputable dealer and purchase a “new-to-him” car, within his budget, that will last him a long time!

Although Alan has faced some setbacks while trying to learn how to manage his finances, thanks to your support of Maranatha-Carlisle, he is making great strides in becoming more responsible with his budgeting, leading to him becoming more independent in general. We are so proud of the independence and financial literacy that he has gained during his time with Maranatha-Carlisle, and are excited to see where he goes in the future!

“Julia” is an example of how your support of Maranatha-Carlisle helps us to teach our clients good spending habits. Julia started with Maranatha-Carlisle in 2014 and has been working ever since to learn how to manage her money. While she may never be fully financially independent she has been making great strides in learning to manage her finances and budget efficiently. She has worked hard to keep her spending down and is being proactive in working with her account manager to ensure all her bills are paid on time.  Your support of Maranatha-Carlisle has meant that she has someone to rely on to help her make prudent financial decisions. Without you and your support, she would have to rely to additional community resources to help make ends meet.