Maranatha-Carlisle Momentum Award

The Maranatha-Carlisle Momentum Award was created in 2019 and is designed to be given to a wage earning client who is meeting the following criteria:

  • Wage-earning
  • Program cooperation
  • Progression toward no longer needing Maranatha-Carlisle’s services.

2019 Spring award winner Eric Brosious at the 2019 Gala, Maranatha-An Evening of Hope.

When Eric and his family came to us he was virtually homeless and his landlord required him to work with us as a condition of his lease. The first few months were difficult as he and his family adjusted to their budget constraints, but we were able to help them get out from under an expensive vehicle loan and into another car. Thanks to our help, Eric and his family now have a healthy savings account, but they are still hesitant to spend too much, preferring to put money away.

2019 Winter award winner Charles Topper at the Open House/Donor appreciation event.

When Charles and his wife came to us they were about to be evicted while they were waiting for past due social security disability payments. With our help, he was able to get caught up and is now doing well and was awarded for his hard work.