Testimonial Tuesday: Meet “Julia”

Editor’s Note: To highlight the difference Maranatha-Carlisle is making in people’s lives, we are going to be regularly posting a success story of one of our clients. This week for “Testimonial Tuesday” we would like to tell you about the success story of our client Julia (name changed for privacy reasons).

“Julia” started with Maranatha-Carlisle in 2014 and has been working ever since to learn how to manage her money. At first, she had difficulty adjusting to working with Maranatha-Carlisle, however has really grown over the years to become a client that is really striving to understand financial management.

“Julia” is one of our clients that may never be able to be on her own in terms of managing her finances, but has been making great strides in learning to manage her finances and budget efficiently. She has worked hard to keep her spending down and is being proactive in working with her account manager to ensure all her bills are paid on time.

“Julia” serves as an example of how Maranatha-Carlisle can really assist in teaching our clients good spending habits. Although some may never be able to manage their finances on their own, gaining knowledge in budgeting allows our clients to live more independently. Because of the support of Maranatha, “Julia” can stay on budget and feel confident in her spending habits. Maranatha has built up “Julia’s” confidence and has lent its support as a safety net and guide during the years of “Julia’s” tenure at Maranatha.

Whenever she is asked about our success rate, founder Joan Jones always asks what “success” means. To her and the rest of the Maranatha team, success is keeping people in their homes safely, helping our clients to budget, and ensuring that clients have sound financial literacy skills. Although “Julia” has not reached a big achievement like saving for a vacation, she has been successful in paying all her bills on time and learning the necessary tools to manage her money. We are so proud of “Julia” for all the success that she has had on her journey to learn how to manage her finances. Her financial stability is such a success and shows how the achievement of fundamental skills is also an accomplishment.

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