Testimonial Tuesday: Meet the Browns

Editor’s Note: To highlight the difference Maranatha-Carlisle is making in people’s lives, we are going to be regularly posting a success story of one of our clients. This week for “Testimonial Tuesday” we would like to tell you about the success story of our clients Rick and Katie Brown (name changed for privacy reasons).

Rick and his wife Katie came to us in 2013 through a referral from Housing because they were about to get evicted and were living with no power in their home. Through the help of Maranatha-Carlisle, they were able to catch up on their payments and return electricity to their house. They have been working very hard to spend within their means and have been loyal clients of Maranatha-Carlisle.

Rick Katie have been doing so well that they are financially stable enough to go out on their own, however, they continue to stay with Maranatha-Carlisle because of the trust they have in our services and staff to help them ensure financial stability.

They have had two major accomplishments during their time with Maranatha-Carlisle. The first was saving up for a cruise to celebrate a special anniversary. The Browns worked really hard to save up for this special occasion, and with the help of their account manager, were able to go on the cruise! They came back so happy and excited, telling us all of the fun adventures they had. Their second major accomplishment was opening a Christmas Club Account. Every month, Maranatha-Carlisle sends $50 of their money to a special Christmas account, ensuring that they have enough money to buy Christmas presents for their grandchildren.

Rick Brown’s success demonstrates the amazing impact that Maranatha-Carlisle has on its clients. The Browns went from having an eviction notice on their door to saving enough money to go on a cruise. This transformation demonstrates how essential financial management guidance is, and the impact that it can make on a family. Now the Browns’ grandchildren can wake up on Christmas morning to presents from their grandparents. We are so proud of the Browns for their commitment to improving their financial stability and the successes they have had so far.

Thank you to our donors for making success stories like this possible! If you would like to donate to help us expand our services to more individuals in need, you can do so here. Please put the name “Browns” into the notes section so we can let them know how their story is helping us help others. To stay updated on the activities of Maranatha-Carlisle, sign up for our email list here.

You are also invited to join us at our annual gala, An Evening of Hope, being held on May 3rd this year at the Carlisle Country Club. For more information, you can check out our website, Facebook page, or call us for more details. You can register online here or by calling us at 717-258-1000.

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