Maranatha by the Numbers….and Beyond

With the generous help of our donors, we were able to do some amazing things for our clients in 2018, and the numbers show it.

We helped our clients:

– Pay over $1.6 million for housing

– Purchase over $1 million worth of food, clothes and personal needs

– Pay over $200,000 for utilities and heat

– Pay over $275,000 for medical expenses

Of course this doesn’t show all the funds we disbursed, but it does demonstrate how we helped cover most basic needs for our clients.

However, these numbers don’t tell the whole story. With our help, our clients are able to cover their varying expenses while also being able to focus on the things that are important to them, like treatment and their quality of life. More important than the physical items purchased, these numbers really represent peace of mind. By helping our clients practice sound financial management we ensure they:

– Feel at peace at home without worrying about coming home to an eviction notice on their door

– Can provide food for both themselves and their children

– Can relax when they see the utility truck on their street

– Can go to the doctor when they need without worrying about past due bills

Our services, made possible by people like you, allow us to help our clients take care of their most basic needs meaning; they have peace of mind and can function without relying on other nonprofit organizations.


Please consider whether you are able to partner with us to provide our clients with some peace of mind.  A tax-deductible automatic deduction of just $65 per month (a little over $2.00/day) will allow us to help one more individual every month. You can make your donation today at

Thank you so much for your generous support!!!

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